In which Lulu & Bunny visit the orange groves 



John and Windy, Atlanta GA        04.24.2010


Windy was only four when I met her.  Her oldest sister, Danielle, had fast become my kindred friend the first day of freshman orientation. I remember Windy's voice on the phone as she'd chirp daily retellings of her day to Dani, and often to me. Several years later, telephone in hand, I listened gleefully as Windy recounted the dreamy, funny details of John's proposal. The picnic, the ring, the hiding photographers. She was chirping, trilling even! A dancer and choreographer, Windy's elegance and grace is lovely to behold, but her gentle spirit emanates. John loves her deeply, it is easy to see. Many friends and family came far to attend their wedding. It was a loving tribute not only to the beauty and purity of their union, but to the legacy of both their families. Steve and I feel tremendously honored not only to have been present but to have captured their wedding story.  



Trisha & Marcus                   04.17.2010

They spend down time walking their dogs around this Scottsdale park, so that is where we headed for a fun and relaxed engagement shoot. As I shot, I noticed how softly Marcus looks at her. I love that. And I couldn't stop taking pictures of Trisha's enviable brown eyes! Her shoulder tatoo is an edelweiss flower, as her heritage is mostly German. I actually broke out in song from Sound of Music at its mention! Lucky them, a photographer and serenador rolled into one! Well anyways, thank you for hanging out with Steve and I, guys! Can't wait for your wedding day!



pretty penmanship                      04.14.2010


Emma has the loveliest handwriting and this year requested a caligraphy set for her 10th birthday. I can't wait to throw a fun dinner party complete with swirly handwritten invitations. Wanna come?



Nothing says Saturday morning like blueberry pancakes.Happy day!                 03.27.2010



the sweetest gifts                       03.17.2010


911?                                 03.14.2010


I missed today's grand adventure, apparently.  A police officer showed up at the house because someone had dialed 911 from our number. Steve had some fast explaining to do as everyone pointed at the naughty, oh-so-cute culprit. I had to laugh at the image of all four girls standing on our porch waving the policeman good-bye. Steve said he probably never gets thanked for visiting as sweetly as he did today.



Head Locked                            03.11.2010


My twins have been happily squished together since they rolled in my womb! I could catalogue every year with images just like these. It starts with a hug, then a giggle and transitions quickly into a full out headlock. Pretty soon, they are rolling around in the dirt. When they were three, they didn't get their smiley face stamps at ballet class because the teacher had told all the little girls to sit in a straight line on the floor. Only, silly her, she didn't separate my two. So, before she could say "tendu", my pas de deus was tumbling (wrestling) out into the center of the room! Lesson learned, but no little stamp will ever unravel these smiley faces. 


A Cup of Tea                            02.10.2010


My first job as a teen was as a horse groomer.  I desperately pined for horseback lessons and then I met a british woman who ran a farm on the outskirts of our town, in southern Portugal.  An accomplished equestrian rider, she taught me not only to ride but to jump! I, in turn, swept out stalls, brushed down the horses (except for the crazy white stallion) and generally fell in love with everything horse, right down to their smell. One thing I could always count on was a delicious cup of tea before lessons. That was when I became smitten with a good tea, with cream and sugar, thank you. No day is complete without it. Now, if I could only bottle the scent of a horse!


Ayisha                                 02.04.2010


My dear daughter's personality is written all over face and outfit.  Oh, she loves a skirt, colorful pretties, and leggings to boot! Clearly though, nothing dazzles like Ayisha's smile. Irresistible!